Introducing Acuere’s Supercharging Partnerships Program

Acuere is thrilled to announce our Supercharging Partnerships Program, led by Greg Simmons, a trusted partner and advisor with extensive expertise gained from his work at leading SaaS providers in the social good sector. This program is designed to empower growing SaaS and technology businesses to unlock their growth potential through strategic partnerships, leveraging Greg’s deep understanding of the industry.

A Trusted Partner and Advisor Driving Growth and Social Good

Greg Simmons is a highly respected business partner and advisor, renowned for delivering strong client engagement, solid commercial outcomes, and positive social impacts within the community. With his extensive experience with SaaS, having designed and executed innovative partner programs, Greg has a proven track record of expanding networks, driving significant growth in annual recurring revenue, and fostering strategic relationships.

Unlock Your Business’s Growth Potential

Join us in Acuere’s Supercharging Partnerships Program, where we combine Greg Simmons’ expertise with our comprehensive framework for success. Align your go-to-market strategies, improve customer metrics, elevate brand awareness, and access a proven framework to unlock your business’s growth potential.

Through specialised customer-centric consulting services, we offer guidance on partner types and ratings, ideal partner profiling, consistent and measurable partner paths, building internal capacity and partner champions, as well as technology and system optimisation. Drawing on Greg’s experience in developing, managing, and nurturing relationships, we provide strategic insights to guide new partners in working with your products, reducing time to market, and accelerating growth.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to supercharge your partnerships and drive sustainable growth together. Reach out to our team today to learn more and schedule a consultation. Let’s embark on a transformative journey and unlock the full potential of strategic partnerships with Acuere.

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Testimonials: The Impact of Strategic Partnerships

“Greg’s work at Blackbaud led to remarkable results. By achieving a partner attachment rate in Asia-Pacific three times greater than in other markets, Blackbaud Pacific experienced the highest new business win rate and customer retention across the business. The ecosystem of partners underpinned growth in strategic customers, contributing to a positive impact on Blackbaud’s brand perception and competitive standing.”

Kevin Sher, Vice President and GM Asia-Pacific, Blackbaud

“Greg worked with our team to complete an assessment of how a partnership program could provide us with a reliable platform to strengthen brand recognition and reputation, generate referrals and improve retention. Over the course of 3 months Greg worked closely with our partnership lead, sharing his experience and guidance to identify an ideal partner profile and support the articulation of a partner strategy. Greg’s ability to listen and apply his relationship development skills built our internal capacity to execute on the strategy.”

Tim Paris, CEO, Dataro

“I believed in the potential of a partnerships and had worked to build an approach and connections. Managing sales and partnerships did not allow me the time and space for me to build leadership commitment for a formal partner program. Greg used his experience to work with me, introducing new partner prospects and assisting the development of relationships with existing connections. Greg provided guidance to develop a Partner Path and undertake Ideal Partner Profiling which simplified the approach and achieved greater impact. This provided the impetus for leadership to adopt my recommendations and commit the resources to implement a strategic Partner Program.”

Senior Business Development Manager