Clear Vision is essential to business success.
Without it, the present is unclear and the future is distant.


Clarity provides understanding. Understanding creates opportunity.
Opportunity is at the heart of success.


Vision and knowledge manifest business strategy.
Targets are defined, actions focused and results achieved.

Customer Relationship Management


Acuere stands out as a leading expert in Infor CRM SLX, backed by a team of seasoned professionals who collectively possess an impressive 172 years of shared experience working in the Infor CRM SLX ecosystem.

With a singular focus on Infor CRM SLX and its partner ecosystem, Acuere brings a deep level of specialisation and knowledge to the table. Acuere’s commitment to business improvement is evident through an emphasis on deep process integration, ensuring that Infor CRM SLX seamlessly integrates into clients’ existing workflows and operations.

Acuere’s expertise, combined with their dedication to delivering tailored solutions, positions us as a trusted partner in leveraging Infor CRM SLX to drive significant business growth and success.

Relationship Management Concept


Our approach to Customer Relationship is based around the concept of utilising Information, Process and Measurement to create a continuous improvement process which we believe underpins successful implementations through positive change and a focus on business improvement.

Whether you need assistance in selection, looking for an implementation partner or need a review of your existing CRM implementation Acuere will work closely with key stakeholders to achieve clearly defined agreed success criteria.







Acuere applies the Information Process Measurement process from concept to completion to ensure key outcomes are delivered and risk is mitigated.

Infor CRM SLX, an award-winning Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, provides a complete view of customer interactions across your entire organisation — from sales and marketing to customer service and support — to help you acquire, retain, and develop profitable customer relationships. Acuere is proudly a long-standing and dedicated Infor Partner.

Deliver Outstanding Customer Experiences

Whether your employees are conducting an in-person sales call, creating a marketing campaign, responding to a billing inquiry, or resolving service issues, they’ll always have the information they need to perform their jobs effectively and deliver outstanding customer experiences.

With its easy-to-use, highly adoptable user interface, centralised customer information, flexible access methods, and extensive customisation and integration capabilities, Infor CRM SLX can enable your organisation to build and maintain meaningful, profitable relationships with your prospects and customers—enhancing the way you do business.

Empower Management

Infor CRM SLX delivers tangible benefits across your entire organisation. Management is empowered with the information and tools they need to gain valuable business insights— facilitating timely, informed decisions. Team members have access to rich customer and prospect information and productivity tools so they can more effectively market to, sell to, and support your customers.

Highly Flexible

Infor CRM SLX features a highly flexible open architecture, so you can easily tailor the solution to address your company’s specific business needs.

Customer Testimonials

“We believe that by implementing Infor CRM SLX SalesLogix we have saved 4000 hours in staffing resources per year.”

Acuere introduced the philosophy of CRM to Toro Australia, where they truly understood the objectives we were looking to achieve for our business. Before offering a solution, Acuere ensure that they knew all our requirements and specifically aligned them with the appropriate system that would meet our needs.

Tim Hogan

Manager of Business Intelligence, Toro Australia

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