Clear Vision is essential to business success.
Without it, the present is unclear and the future is distant.


Clarity provides understanding. Understanding creates opportunity.
Opportunity is at the heart of success.


Vision and knowledge manifest business strategy.
Targets are defined, actions focused and results achieved.

How We Can Help

Acuere focuses on improved business outcomes when developing solutions for our customers. Our success is based on providing experienced people combined with the world’s leading solutions and ensuring clients have achieved maximum benefits from their investment.

CustomerCentric Selling® Workshops

Getting Started with CustomerCentric Selling® is easy. To get you and your company on the fast track contact us today and sign up for one of our fast start workshops and you’ll be well on your way to increased sales.

Sales Mentoring and Coaching

Improving your team’s sales performance could have a significant impact on your bottom-line. You may have a specific issue you need help with or would like ongoing coaching to keep your team on track.

Acuere has been helping businesses achieve their sales goals for 17 years, and as the only licenced CustomerCentric Selling® trainer in Australia, can deliver unique and practical recommendations on how to improve your organisation’s sales performance.


Sales and Marketing Effectiveness

Do you need your sales and marketing teams to work closer together to enhance your organisation’s revenue potential?

Would you benefit from the capability to implement sales tools produced by marketing that your sales team actually uses?


Acuere can offer you Sales Ready Messaging® tools specific to your products and markets, enabling sales people to have intelligent conversations with prospects about potential use of their products and services to satisfy their needs, achieve a goal or solve a problem.


When your marketing people understand the process your sales people are using, they will be able to create effective sales support material for your sales people to use everytime they see a prospect. No more messaging on the fly with a consistent approach across the whole organisation.


Integration of marketing and sales efforts can also assist you with generating active prospects for your sales pipeline. Nurture and email marketing are two capabilities that Acuere can assist your organisation to develop, involving both sales and marketing functions.



Consulting Services

Over 20 years Acuere has built up extensive experience, systems and processes in delivering simple to complex, small to large implementation projects.

From initial 5 user pilot projects to mission critical core systems implementations involving hundreds of users, Acuere has the capability to deliver through effective planning, communication and transfer of ownership to the customer project team.

Acuere Implementation Services include the following:

  • Design Workshop
  • System Analysis and Design
  • Project Planning
  • Initial Installation
  • Data Import
  • Customisation Development
  • Data & System Integration
  • Reporting Development
  • Knowledge Transfer / Super User & Administrator Training (Train the Trainer Approach)
  • User Acceptance Testing & Support
  • Handover to Business & IT
  • Post Implementation Review
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Support
CRM and Productivity Tools

Our approach to Customer Relationship is based around the concept of utilising Information, Process and Measurement to create a continuous improvement process which we believe underpins successful implementations through positive change and a focus on business improvement.

Whether you need assistance in selection, looking for an implementation partner or need a review of your existing CRM implementation Acuere will work closely with key stakeholders to achieve clearly defined agreed success criteria.

Acuere recognises that one size does not fit all so Acuere provides Customer Relationship Management Applications and Technology Tools from the world’s leading providers.

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